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Zsolt Derecskei: My first Beatles experience was A Hard Day’s Night LP when I was 4. Since then The Beatles plays a particular role in my life, we could say that Beatles IS my life.

Balázs Bakó: When I was so young that I already could play on the drums I thought Ringo Starr is the worst drummer of the world. I radically changed this statement since then.

János Bárth: One of my first musical experiences that I’m listening to Beatles records with my brothers at home. Eventhough I’m a Hungarian language teacher I always happily dive into the Beatles music and find new clues and answers all the time.

Albert Kasléder: Music is a particular need for me which I say thank you for The Beatles and my father. Everything started out with the A Hard Day’s Night movie and listening to a Beatles concert from 1964 recorded to an infamous tape branded Polimer.

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